Hello and welcome to this website, it was initially set up to provide information about Network Management, the technologies involved and products in the market (originally called nmsmonkey.com). As with all things in life changes occur not all the content is NMS/OSS orientated, this is mainly because of changes in day to day work and a place to discuss other material. The vast majority (if not all) will be related to networking, the Internet and Open Source.

UPDATE: The site has further evolved since creation and currently its main purpose is a kind of notepad for my certification studies as well as a place to remind myself of issues I have come across. I find writing things down and being able to refer to my notes helps my learn and also a single point for me to refer back to.

Have fun navigating!

If you would like to get involved in the development of this site or would like to suggest content please contact me by email on rob.j.edwards@gmail.com.