About Me

Hello, I am a seasoned cloud/infrastructure engineer, operator, architect and general problem solver (or creator depending on how you look at it) based in the UK. Now very much working in the cloud solving problems for customers.

After years of experience working at some of the worlds largest organisations, wearing a multitude of hats, I'm now on a journey to help people with all things "cloud native application" skills and add new hats to my skills stand.

If you are interested in my professional background feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

My current interests & hobbies involve;

  • Cloud Native benefits/Tech/development
  • Coffee, I love speciality coffee (I did also own a coffee shop for a while)
  • Automating stuff and things (really making my life easier)
  • Throwing heavy weights around (Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, HITT type) - fitness outlet on the socials
  • Starting to look at building retro arcade units

If you want to subscribe to my human Syslog stream follow me on Twitter.

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