DHCP (Cisco)

DHCP Jan 1, 2013

service dhcp     #enable DHCP on device

ip dhcp pool     #create DHCP pool with name network /24 default-router netbios-name-server netbios-node-type h-node dns-server lease

ip dhcp pool host /24 hardware-address 0005.5e1f.8222 #create static binding

(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address (config)# ip dhcp excluded-address (config)# ip dhcp conflict logging #logging of DHCP address conflicts (config)# ip dhcp ping packet 5 #ping IP address 5 times before allocating (config)# ip dhcp ping timeout 300 #ping timeout is 300ms for the ping test pre allocation

show ip dhcp binding show ip dhcp conflit show ip dhcp database debug ip dhcp server [events|packet]


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