"%Error opening tftp:// config" Error Message Prevention

Mar 21, 2011

Occasionally, during bootup of Cisco hardware through Cisco IOS software, error messages similar to these are displayed:

  • %Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)
  • %Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)
  • %Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)
  • %Error opening tftp:// (Socket error)

These error messages are related to the default service configuration option built into Cisco IOS software, which attempts to access the service configuration files from a network Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server.

In order to disable this feature, issue the no service config global command.

Router#config terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. Router(config)#no service config Router(config)#exit Router#copy running-config startup-config

These error messages no longer appear at the next bootup of the router.

Rob Edwards

Northern (UK) chap focusing on platforms, automation, cloud and cloud native applications. Recovering network engineer, although it turns out networking is as important, if not more, now than before!

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