Cisco Jan 2, 2013
  • Provides gateway redundancy by using a singe IP and multiple MAC
  • Can be 4 routers in a group
  • Group members communicate to on UDP-3222
  • Hello messages sent every 3 seconds by default
  • Group members will elect a Active Virtual Gateway (AVG), the other routers will be bakcup AVG
  • AVG will assign virtual MAC to other routers known as Active Virtual Forwarders (AVF)
  • Each ACF assumes responsibility for forwarding packets sent to the virtual MAC assigned to it by the AVG
  • AVG is responsible for answering ARP requests for the VIP

interface fa0/1 glbp 1 load-balancing host-dependant #other options are round-robin, and/or weighted glbp 1 authentication text glbp 1 timers msec msec glbp 1 ip glbp 1 priority 255 glbp 1 preempt glbp 1 timers redirect glbp 1 weighting track [decrement] glbp 1 wighting 110 lower 95 upper 105

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