MPLS VRF Configuration

CCIP Jan 12, 2011

VRF Configuration tasks;

  • Create a VRF table
  • Assign RD to the VRF
  • Specify export and import route targets
  • (optional) Configure a VPN ID
  • Assign interfaces to VRFs


(config)# ip vrf <name>
(config-vrf)# rd route-distinguisher - can be 16 bit AS number: 32 bit decimal no OR 32 bit IP:16 bit decimal
(router(config-vrf)# route-target export RT
(config-vrf)# route-target import RT
(config-vrf)# route-target both RT

VPN ID config;

(config)# ip vrf vrf-name
(config-if)# vpn id oui:vpn-index
(config-if)# ip vrf forwarding vrf-name #! then resign the IP address


Rob Edwards

Northern (UK) chap focusing on platforms, automation, cloud and cloud native applications. Recovering network engineer, although it turns out networking is as important, if not more, now than before!

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