QoS - AutoQoS Enterprise

QoS Mar 23, 2011

AutoQoS Enterprise not just focused on VoIP but also video and data traffic (up to 10 classes of traffic – Cisco Best practice).

Typically for medium sized companies


  • router(config-if) or (config-fr-dlci)# auto discovery qos [trust]   #configures the discovery phase by gathering stats via NBAR

  • router(config-if) or (config-fr-dlci)# auto qos     # this command will not work until stats have been gathered, it instructs the templates generated to be applied.

  • show auto qos [interface ]     # displays created configuration

  • show auto discovery qos        #displays what AutoQoS has discovered

Before AutoQoS Enterprise recommends any policy it needs to monitor the traffic to understand network and traffic patterns

Before configuring (applying a sugested policy) you must remove any existing policies on the interface

CEF needs to be enabled on the router (needed for NBAR to run)

Correctly state the interaface bandwidths


Rob Edwards

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