QoS - Implementing/notes

Mar 22, 2011

Methods to implement QoS;

  • CLI
  • MQC
  • AutoQoS VoIP (voice QoS)
  • AutoQoS Enterprise (voice, video and data QoS)
  • QPM

MQC (Modular QoS CLI) proccess

  1. Classify traffic
  2. Whats going to happen to the classes of traffic
  3. Assign to interface

AutoQoS VoIP CLI – auto qos voip [trust]

AutoQoS Enterprise CLI – auto discovery qos [trust] & quto qos

IntServ (intergrated Services) used RSVP to allocate an amount of bandwidth. While app has bandwidth reserved no other app can use it. All hops need to be configured to allow IntServ to work.

DiffServ – Differaniates between traffic . Can give differant levels of priority by marking them differantly. Its highly scalable and granular with many levels possible however no absolute service garantee and can have complex mechnisms.

Rob Edwards

Northern (UK) chap focusing on platforms, automation, cloud and cloud native applications. Recovering network engineer, although it turns out networking is as important, if not more, now than before!

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